Lighting techniques using the MZ LED lights (Greek Version)


Lighting techniques using the MZ LED lights by Professor D. Theodoropoulos, GSC, DOP. (Greek Version)
Special thanks to D. Theodoropoulos, D. Katranidis, I.Lampropoulou and DK Rentals.

Equipment used:
Canon C300 MKII Camera
Carl Zeiss 21-100mm T2.9 Lens
MZ-LED336 LED Light
MZ-Softbox-60x60-Grid Softbox
MZ-Softbox-23x90-Grid Softbox
MZ-2.4A Tripod
MZ-BarnB Barndoors
Atomos Sumo 19" Monitor-Recorder
Rosco Straw Tint Light filter
Rosco Lavender Light filter
Rosco Special Steel blue light filter
Tiffen Soft FX-2 Lens filter

DOP: D. Theodoropoulos
Camera: Leonidas Germanopoulos
Backstage Camera: Alexander Papathanasopoulos
Gaffer: Ilias Mertis
Editing: Maria Paraschou
Model: Irida Lampropoulou
Make up: Sofia Kiousi

MZ-LED176. MZ-LED336.
Aluminum. Extended CRI 95. Portable. LED Light.
7-16.8V XLR 4pin input with external PSU.
Vlock. Glock. Sony NPF 970. Battery operated.
Bicolor. Cool. Warm.
Options: Diffuser. Color filter. Softbox. Softbox with Grid. Reflective Umbrella. Diffusion Umbrella. Barndoors. Tube adapter. Lens. DMX.